Onyx Blue Spa

Onyx Blue Spa

In our Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Onyx Blue Spa center; Our massage therapies are being carefully performed by expert masseuses in our halls specially prepared for you. A massage suitable for your needs will be recommended by SPA units before the application. Our masseuses apply therapy according to the appointment order. If you make an appointment for our massage sessions at a time convenient for you, it will give us the opportunity to prepare for you. Our SPA manager and receptionists are at the service of our guests all day long for appointment and consultancy.Our SPA Center; It is open between 08:00-22:00 for 12 months. Click here to review our Onyx Blue Spa presentation


Outdoor Mixed Thermal PoolThermal Water 40-42°Garden110
Outdoor Children’s Thermal PoolThermal Water 40-42°Garden10
Indoor Mixed Swimming Pool with SlidesFresh Water 26-28°SPA-Mixed317
Indoor Women’s Swimming Pool with SlidesFresh Water 26-28°SPA90
Indoor Children’s pool MixedFresh Water 26-28°SPA-Mixed18
Adventure Cave for KidsFresh Water 26-28°SPA-Mixed24
Indoor Women’s Thermal Pool with JacuzziFresh Water 40-42°SPA30
Bay Thermal PoolFresh Water 40-42°SPA46
Bay Thermal Pool with JacuzziFresh Water 40-42°SPA30
Women’s Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Room SPA 
Bay Sauna, Steam Room, Turkish Bath SPA 
Salt room (Temporarily out of service) SPA 
Private family bathrooms (Temporarily out of service) SPA 
Doctor Fish (Temporarily out of service) SPA 
Skin Care, Body Care, (Temporarily out of service) SPA 
Massage, Herbal Baths, Foam Scrub SPA 

Private Family Bathrooms

In our Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Thermal Spa center; In our hourly family baths, you can take your cure care with thermal water filled specially for you, and you can enjoy thermal pleasure with your family in a room just for you for a certain fee.

VIP Family Bath

In our VIP thermal baths, where you can relax with your spouse and children, every comfort is thought and designed;

Thermal pool with massage, (Optional Jacuzzi VIP), Sauna, Mini Turkish Bath, Large and spacious rest room, Air conditioning, Central ventilation, 180×200 rest bed, LED TV, Mini bar, Hair dryer, Telephone, Led lighting, Card lock system, wc sink.

Standard Family Bathroom

In our standard thermal baths, which are thought and designed so that you can relax with your family;

Thermal pool with massage, (Optional Jacuzzi), Mini Turkish Bath, relaxation room, central ventilation, 2 pcs 60×180 rest bed, LED TV, Mini bar, Telephone, Hair dryer, Led lighting, Card lock system, wc sink.

**This service is temporarily out of service.

Types of Massage

Massage Therapies We Apply

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Under Knee Massage

  • Classic Massage

  • Thai Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy

  • Sports Massage

  • Cellulite Massage

  • Area Massages

  • Stone Massage

  • Shiatsu Massage

  • Bali Massage

  • Hind Head Massage

What is Massage?

Rehabilitation of a sick and tired body; that is, treatment, care and relaxation methods by performing various procedures on the surface of the body with systematic and specific mechanical energy applied on the surface of the organism in order to return to your old state. The basis of massage is touch and there is growing medical evidence of its value. In a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, patients preparing to undergo surgery were divided into two groups.

The anesthesiologist visited all the patients the night before surgery and gave one group the usual information about what to do the next day, but spent five minutes more with each patient, sitting with them, holding their hands and being warm and friendly.

After the surgery, the patients who had been treated in a friendly manner received only half the amount of medication that the other group received and were discharged from the hospital about three days earlier. This illustrates the powerful impact that friendly behavior combined with warmth, friendliness and touch can have on overall health.

Massage has been around for thousands of years, primarily as an effective practice to fulfill the human need to be touched. Because human contact is an important element in both instilling a sense of trust and making the person feel much better through the transfer of positive electricity.

History of Massage

It is known that the first known applications of massage were made in China and India in 3000 BC. The first known written sources on this subject were handled by ancient Greek physicians. In ancient Greece, the word “massein” meant kneading. As it is known, the most prominent manipulation of massage is kneading. From that period to the present day, massage is an activity applied for relaxation and relaxation in daily life. However, the therapeutic properties of massage have also been utilized for centuries. Starting from Ancient Greece, massage was also utilized during the Roman Empire, especially during the Olympic Games and all kinds of sports competitions.

At that time, athletes were rubbed with preparatory oil before the competition. Mankind has used and tried to develop massage and touch methods to treat and cure diseases for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian sources indicate that massage was used to prevent diseases, treat and heal the injured. Massage is first mentioned in a Chinese book dated 2700 BC. Hippocrates, who lived in 460-377 B.C., suggested that it would be useful to rub after shoulder dislocations and muscle tears. The Turkish thinker and medical man Ibni Sina (980-1037 A.D.) also mentioned the benefits of massage.

Ibn Sina, who said “Physicians should consider not only the causes of diseases but also the causes of maintaining health”, drew attention to the importance of preventive health services centuries ago. He emphasized the benefits of exercise and body rubbing (massage) for maintaining good health.

Effects of Massage on Muscles

Muscles constitute approximately half of the body weight and use a large part of the blood circulation. They contract and relax through motor nerves under the control of the central nervous system and work like a pump by contracting and relaxing. Inactivated muscles undergo atrophy. Rhythmic activity applied to the muscles through massage helps to prevent inactivated atrophy.

Massaged muscles recover themselves quickly. Muscle weakness and muscle laxity are prevented and the reaction ability of the muscle increases and strengthens. Massage of the connective tissue system produces very good effects for the muscles and surrounding ligaments. It is recommended in the treatment of connective tissue inflammation or other diseases.

A conscious massage of the joints preserves mobility and prevents decreased movement. Weaknesses of the joint ligaments can be successfully treated with active and passive gymnastics and massage. It provides the dissolution of soft tissue adhesions and the lengthening of shortened tendons.

Clay Baths

What is Clay?

Due to its natural minerals such as iron, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, zinc, it has brought health and beauty to mankind throughout history. Clay is water and moisture absorbent due to its structure. It is a scientifically proven antiseptic that is active against a wide variety of microorganisms. It can easily remove dirt from the deepest layers of the skin. It helps regulate the fluid mechanism in the skin, accelerates healing and restructuring and does not cause a reaction as an analgesic.

Lux Clay Cure

In our clay rooms specially designed for you, the application of clay mud to your entire body by our expert staff will provide you with the following benefits. Our rooms have two separate single beds, Led TV, mini bar, mini Turkish bath and a WC for your comfort.

Benefits of Clay for Our Body

  • It cleanses the body of toxic substances by attracting and absorbing them to the surface.

  • It attracts and absorbs electrically charged toxic substances to the surface,

  • It is a great help in closing open wounds,

  • Treatment of colitis (inflammation of the large intestine),

  • Diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ulcers, intestinal problems,

  • Elimination of acne, blackheads,

  • Anemia

  • Control the skin’s oil secretion,

  • Exfoliation effect,

  • The clay gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, reducing the appearance of cracks and scratches.

  • It restores the moisture and minerals the skin needs and improves elasticity.

  • It opens closed pores and protects the skin against today’s intense pace.

  • Tightens the skin.

  • Gives vitality to the hair,

  • Dandruff hair

  • Rashes

  • Cellulitis

  • Chronic inflammation

**This service is temporarily unavailable.

Afyon Kocatepe University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital

Afyon Kocatepe University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, the largest and most comprehensive hospital in the region, is 500 meters walking distance from our hotel. There are shuttles from our hotel to the hospital.

Afyon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has been in service since December 2012. Afyon Kocatepe University Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which is one of the most advanced centers in Turkey, uses devices that are unique in Afyon and even in the region for the treatment of patients.

In the hospital building, which offers the latest technology and comfort together, outpatient and inpatient treatments of back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc. pain and musculoskeletal system diseases are performed.

Rehabilitation programs for spinal cord injuries, head traumas, stroke, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases, all orthopedic rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation before and after surgery are applied by specialist physicians and physiotherapists. In addition, treatment services are also offered to patients with rheumatologic problems such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.


In our Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Thermal Spa center; There are saunas in separate areas for men and women placed in the Turkish baths area. There are also private saunas in our family baths.

The first public sauna was built as an emergency in the Olympic village after the reaction of Finnish athletes at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Athletes from other countries used the sauna in Berlin for the first time and it was of great importance in spreading the culture around the world.

Sauna has many positive effects on human health. From rheumatism to sleep disorders, from tension to depressive distress, it is recognized by many health experts today that the sauna has a healing and therapeutic effect against many health problems.

Sauna is a health cabin that allows you to relax and relax by sweating and relaxing in a warm, humid and wooden room, freeing you from the stress and problems of the day. The benefits of the sauna have been known to people since ancient times and are used in the treatment of many diseases such as depressive disorders, arthritis, rheumatism and many more. The benefits of the sauna are listed below according to their usage. It accelerates blood circulation at first and gives your body vitality.

Physical Benefits

  • Provides melting of excess fat, has a slimming effect.

  • Cleanses your body from toxins and dead cells through sweating.

  • It softens and relaxes the muscles. Reduces brain fatigue.

  • Helps in the treatment of muscle and joint pain.

  • Accelerates the healing process in infections such as flu and colds.

  • Contributes to the elimination of depressive problems such as sleep disturbance and tension.

  • It contributes greatly to the treatment of calcification, rheumatism and cellulite.

Finnish Bath

In our Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Thermal Spa center; We have steam rooms in separate areas for men and women placed in the Turkish baths area. We also have a steam room for common use in our Olympic mixed pool area.

Benefits of a Steam Bath

A steam bath is considered the simplest way to detoxify the body. In this way, the pores of the skin open, millions of sweat glands begin to secrete, and the body excretes the metabolic substances and other wastes it produces. Sweat contains almost the same elements as urine, which is why the skin is sometimes referred to as the third kidney. Up to 30% of body waste is removed through sweating.

As the body temperature rises, the body’s natural response is to sweat and thus cool itself by evaporation of sweat. In a sauna, sweat full of toxins dries on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower after a sauna session. However, in a steam bath with 100% humidity, this evaporation is not possible, so there is little or no decrease in the precious body temperature. You sweat a lot, but your sweat does not evaporate and dry on your skin. The higher humidity level further increases body temperature, becoming the primary heat transfer mechanism and causing significant condensation on the body.

The cleansing and healing power of the hyperthermia process does not start until the body temperature reaches 38-39.5 °C. This body warming occurs more quickly and effectively in a steam bath than in a sauna and takes only 10-15 minutes. Another benefit of the steam bath is its stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. The pulse rate increases from an average of 75 beats per minute to 100-150 beats per minute during a 15-20 minute session. Thus, blood circulation is accelerated but blood pressure does not rise, because the capillaries in the skin expand while the blood flow is accelerated by the heat effect. Steam baths and steam inhalation are an effective treatment for improving respiratory conditions and are recommended for colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergic diseases.

Benefits of Steam Bath for Our Body

  • Steam provides relief in respiratory tract inflammation and obstruction.

  • Improves throat irritation by moisturizing the air.

  • Steam improves spasmodic breathing (asthma, whooping cough).

  • Steam stimulates mucus secretion from the throat and lungs.

  • The steam relaxes the muscles and reduces coughing.

  • The steam protects the mucus membranes from overdrying.

Turkish Bath

In our Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Thermal Spa center; We have Ottoman Turkish Baths and resting areas in separate sections for men and women placed in SPA areas.

Hammam Pleasure Worthy of Sultans and Kings

One of our most beautiful traditions that has been passed down through generations from the past to the present is the Turkish bath. Wyndham Afyonkarahisar Thermal Spa Center has prepared a special environment to keep this very pleasant and meaningful tradition alive and make it known to new generations.

Our traditional men’s and women’s Turkish baths, inspired by Classical Ottoman Turkish Architecture, designed in eight months with special stones from Afyonkarahisar, the land of stone, shaped by masters of their art, where calligraphers bring the ceiling domes to life with their handiwork, carry history from the past to the present with its large and spacious environment, women’s scrubbing rooms, ablution halvets, heated kurnas for the waist and sitting area, fiery belly stone and warm atmosphere.

You can embellish your longed-for hammam pleasure with traditional scrub foam massage and Cleopatra treatments by making an appointment.

Foot Detox

While We Think We Are Healthy; Actually Toxins Have Invaded Our Body!

Toxins in our body (free radicals, residues and slags, heavy metals) are positively charged.

During the ion foot detox process, the free strong radicals will be neutralized. The neutralized very small free radicals (Nano-sized) are directed out in equal amounts through the skin, lungs, kidneys and intestines, while at the same time the electrical capacities of the cells are neutralized.

Benefits of Ion Foot Detox for the Body

  • Liver Detoxification

  • Elimination of Heavy Metals

  • Increased Energy and Reduced Stress

  • Internal Cleansing with Whole Body Purification

  • Improving Sexual Health

  • Significant Pain Relief

  • Improved Memory and Sleep

  • Liver, Kidney and Parasite Cleansing

  • Wrinkles, Acne and Skin Problems

  • Strengthening the Immune System

  • Skin and Beauty Practices

Skin rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow-green and blotchy skin indicate that acid waste has accumulated in the body. A few ion foot detox cleansing sessions have been shown to significantly reduce and even eliminate these conditions.

Who Should Detox?

  • Those suffering from headaches and fatigue.

  • Those suffering from constipation and digestive disorders.

  • Those with anxiety, distress and stress problems.

  • Those with acne (acne) problems.

  • Those suffering from joint pain.

  • Those suffering from low back stiffness and back pain.

  • Those who consume alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, etc.

  • Those who work in unhealthy environments (environments with industrial chemicals-welding-painting-tinner etc.)

  • Those exposed to heavy metals.

  • Consumers of hormonal and adulterated foods.

  • People who use chemicals or cosmetics.

  • People living in cities with air pollution.

  • Anyone who wants to protect their health.